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Article critique writing can be a tedious and tricky undertaking. This is especially the case when one takes into consideration the complexity of some articles. However, it doesn’t have to be so. Here, we identify the main steps which should inform or rather inspire the article critique writing exercise. To begin with, one must ensure that they read the article to be critiqued before they begin to critique the same.

Reading the critique helps one to familiarize him or herself with the specifics of the article before starting to critique the same. It is at this stage that one must lookup for all the words that seem to be unfamiliar as this can be an essential aid in helping the client to understand as well as integrate the article before starting to critique the same. The next thing hers should be to analyze the author and checking out his or her credentials so as to ascertain the article’s reliability.

article critique writing services
article critique writing services

After ascertaining the authenticity of an author as an expert in his or her own area of expertise, one must reread the article and look for evidence of bias, opinions, facts as well as examples. Once you have read the article at least twice, it can now be said that you are ready to start the article critique writing exercise. The text of the article critique should contain an introduction, body as well as a concise conclusion that avails a summary of the various points advanced. However, it is important to note that there are no rigid rules when it comes to article critique writing. Basically, critiques are completed or presented in the third person. Finally, it is important to ensure that in case of any doubt that may need clarification, the instructor can be an invaluable information source. Therefore, one should not hesitate to contact the instructor in cases where uncertainty abounds in the article critique paper writing exercise.

From the description recounted above, it is quite clear that article critique writing is not only of the easiest undertakings in school. Therefore, it should be approached in an objective as well as a sober approach and it is only then that article critique writing can be done competently.

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